The Full Picture tells the full story




Google launched the $50 million Made with Code initiative in 2014 to motivate and empower young women and girls to pursue careers in computer science. They hired Full Picture in 2015 to generate awareness that Made with Code is a best-in-class platform for cause-driven, tech-forward collaborations. Armed with a call to action to remedy the gender imbalance in the field of computer science, Full Picture has focused on creating newsworthy moments that enter the cultural zeitgeist.

In our first collaboration, we created a partnership with top fashion designer Zac Posen. To get the fashion world talking, we paired Posen with a group of young women at Made with Code who designed a stunning, first-of-its-kind LED-light couture dress. The dress was selected as the final piece to walk the runway at Posen’s 2015 New York Fashion Week ZAC by Zac Posen show.


Building off the success of Fashion Week, Full Picture arranged for Oscar-winner and Star Wars star Lupita Nyong'o to wear the dress at a Star Wars red carpet event and discuss the Made with Code initiative on her Daily Show with Trevor Noah appearance.

From The New York Times and Fast Company to Teen Vogue and People, the dress made headlines across the globe and brought visibility to this unique Google initiative.