The Full Picture tells the full story


Desiree Gruber founded Full Picture in 1999 to help her clients more effectively tell their stories and launch new ideas into the world. As the company’s 20th anniversary nears, Gruber continues to evolve her mission of shaping zeitgeist-defining moments and reimagining the ways that brands tell stories to engage global audiences, always with an eye on the ever-changing digital landscape.

Gruber guides Full Picture’s work across an array of services through an ability to connect the dots in unexpected ways. Wide-ranging initiatives with industry leaders such as Google, Victoria’s Secret, Discovery, and Spotify, and powerful women such as Kris Jenner, Carolyn Rafaelian, and Heidi Klum, have fueled Full Picture’s growth and secured its unique position at the intersection of lifestyle and commerce.

Through Full Picture and her venture fund, DGNL, Gruber has also embraced a preeminent role in developing and supporting women founders, entrepreneurs, and C-suite executives, fostering opportunities for today’s and tomorrow’s women leaders.

She has been honored with multiple civic and media awards, including UNICEF’s 2018 Spirit of Compassion Award, a Peabody Award, and 14 Emmy nominations for executive producing Project Runway. She proudly serves on the boards of the US Fund for UNICEF, Tech:NYC, and God's Love We Deliver.

Gruber lives in New York with her family.